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Energy Star: Saving Energy 1 Product at a Time.

Energy Star: Impacting the way we think and use energy.

Energy Star

Energy here and energy there. Energy is used everywhere! Sounds like a Doctor Suess book. This is actually the book of our life. People use energy to power everything. Cars, planes, and most of all buildings; from small homes to industrial plants is where our greenhouse emissions come from. The amount of energy to power an industrial building 24 hours and 7 days a week requires 95 kilowatts of energy and 360,500 Btu of natural gas per square foot. There will be a never-ending demand for energy. That is why we need to learn about the products we use and how we use them.

1992 – Energy Star was created as an energy research business that was eventually adopted by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Energy Star will give a rating to an appliance energy efficiency. Energy Star has made it easy for consumers and businesses to save money, 430 billions of dollars has been saved since 1992. They make it easy to protect the environment by creating lower emissions standards. A household uses 40% of its energy from heating ventilation and air conditioning also known as HVAC. The other 60% comes from other household appliances, refrigerator, light bulbs, washer and dryers, water heater, tv’s, phone chargers, ect. The list can go on and on.

Energy star HVAC

So let’s take a look at your HVAC system. 40% of energy consumption from an HVAC system is a big chunk of the energy pie. Why not consider investing in a new Energy Star rated HVAC system? Your bill will show the difference each month. AirTec Heating & Air offers high-quality products for all your heating and cooling needs. You can save with their Energy Star products, including mini ductless heat pumps from Daikin and AC units and heaters from Goodman.

Energy saver


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